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Course Transcript Questions The answer to Question 1 is found in Section 1 of the Course Content. The Answer to Question 2 is found in Section 2 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.


1. What disorder might be linked with Borderline Personality Disorder?
2.What are the various steps to treating a Borderline Personality through Schema Therapy?
3. What are three maladaptive schemas prevalent in Borderline Personality disorder clients?
4. What are three pattern schemas that characterize a Borderline Personality?
5. What are four maladaptive schemas that affect a BPD client's relationship to the wider world?
6. What are two characteristics of schema clusters?
7. What are the three ways schemas affect the emotional link to borderline personalities?


A. subjugation; mistrust; and unlovability.
B. two or more schemas interfering with one client's
life; and interaction between schemas
C. recognition and acknowledgement; finding the
root; and challenging the schema
D. emotional misinterpretation; drastic emotional
shifts; and the schema's will to survive.
E. selective perception; overgeneralization; and
jumping to conclusions.
F. MAD or Major Affective Disorder
G. exclusion; vulnerability; failure; and entitlement.

Course Article Questions The answer to Question 8 is found in Section 8 of the Course Content. The Answer to Question 9 is found in Section 9 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.


8. What percent of those treated no longer met criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder?
9.What is the benefit of writing in the schema journal?
10. What is like brainwashing in that it systematically wears away at the victim's self-confidence, sense of self-worth, trust in her perceptions, and self-concept?
11. What are four kinds of stress that anger serves to dissipate?
12. How do borderlines differ from schizophrenics?
13.What are the three models Hartocollis proposes for borderline syndrome?
14. According to Kernberg, what is a main culprit in creating unrealistic patient-therapist relationships from the very beginning of treatment?
15. Why at times does the BPD patient especially needs to deny the positive aspects of transference?
16. What is the problem with using anger to calm the inner critic?
17. What are the three key components in the tridimensional personality theory for a client diagnosed with OCD?
18. Who made up the participants of the study?


A. give you a place to pull together your insights on the sources and origins of your schema, the situations that trigger it, and to gradually piece together a fuller picture of
your typical emotions, thoughts, and reactions
B. The client never learns to talk back to their abuse.
C. painful affect, painful sensation, frustrated drive, and threat
D. projective identification
E. The schizophrenics are more often judged to be socially isolated "loners" (p <.001). The borderlines seek anaclitic relations in which they act as care givers, yet they are in
active conflict about giving and receiving care.
F. Harm avoidance, novelty seeking, and reward
G. emotional abuse
H. continuous model, typological model, and a combination of continuous and typological models
I. 50%
J. His fear that the expression of positive feelings will bring him dangerously close to the therapist.
K. Inpatients at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts that has an IQ of 71 or higher, has no history or current symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar, or an organic condition that could cause serious psychiatric symptoms, fluent in English, and is between 18 and 35.

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