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Privacy and Confidentiality in the Therapeutic Relationship

Section 1
Reviewing, Refreshing, and Revitalizing Ethical Issues

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In this section
, we will begin with a brief case study to get you thinking. Remember, I will read the question then the four choices, followed by a musical tones requesting you to turn the recording off to think about your answer. When you turn the recording back on again, the correct answer along with an explanation will be given to you.

- Reamer, F. G. (2009). Social Work Ethics Casebook: Cases and Commentary. Washington, DC: NASW Press.

In the course of consulting with you, a colleague tells you that her client, Sharon S, has just received a Citizen's award for work in the community. You believe Sharon would be a good asset to your agency's executive board. When you contact the chairperson of the selection committee to make your suggestion you . . .
a. may not reveal the information about Sharon's award
b. may reveal the information about Sharon's award
c. may reveal the information because it is favorable and not derogatory to the client
d. may reveal the information, but only after contacting the client for her permission
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Section 2
Table of Contents