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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. What are the categories listed in Schoener’s typology of abuse?
2. What is one reason females are more vulnerable to therapeutic sexual abuse according to Penfold?


A. Naïve and uninformed, healthy or mildly neurotic, severely neurotic, character disorders, sociopath or narcissistic, and psychotic or borderline personality disorders.
Many are still programmed to believe that they will be happy and fulfilled by serving others.



3. What types of therapist-patient relationships need to be balanced regarding supportive versus excessive therapeutic relationships?
4. According to the EEOC who
else can be included in a sexual harassment lawsuit besides the person harassed?


A.  Anyone affected by the offensive conduct.
B.  The real, uninterpreted 2. The transferential, which is dominated by fantasies and expectations on the part of the patient.

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