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Course Transcript Questions The answer to Question 1 is found in Section 1 of the Course Content. The Answer to Question 2 is found in Section 2 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.


1. What are the various steps to treating a Borderline Personality through Schema Therapy?
2. What are three maladaptive schemas prevalent in Borderline Personality disorder clients?
3. What are three pattern schemas that characterize a Borderline Personality?
4. What are four maladaptive schemas that affect a BPD client's relationship to the wider world?
5. What are the symptoms of substance use disorders (SUDs)?

A. subjugation; mistrust; and unlovability.
B. recognition and acknowledgement; finding the root; and challenging the schema
C. selective perception; overgeneralization; and jumping to conclusions.
D. exclusion; vulnerability; failure; and entitlement.
E. impaired control (ex: taking more of substance than intended), social impairment (ex: failing to fulfill obligations at work, school, or home), risky use (ex: using substance in situations in which it may be physically dangerous to do so) , and pharmacological criteria (ex: tolerance or withdrawal symptoms)

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